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RE-Trax is a full life cycle analytics platform which offers companies of all sizes to grow, scale, track and collaboratively manage their real estate assets all in one place. This affordable suite of powerful, easy-to-use online tools and services allow companies to increase efficiency, improve services and save money.


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Manage the Real Estate assets in ONE platform

Managing business through multiple applications results in disjointed process, users inefficiently jumping between systems to look for information to make critical decisions, and a discouraged sense of collaboration. Businesses with disjoined systems spent more time and money but get very little value in return.

RE-Trax address these pain points by having integrated modules, automated workflows and tools to store and access the information quickly and securely to make critical decisions. This increases the collaboration and productivity among all teams. Easily access your real estate asset information from any Internet-connected device. Securely access your files, images, videos, deal documents, architecture drawings and lease contracts in our powerful cloud document management storage with industry leading security standard. No need to have separate accounts such as GoogleDrive or Drop Box or Box that saves time and money.

Track Projects Efficiently

For retailers, delay in construction project has significant cost/revenue implications. Re-Trax construction Project Tracking module designed to efficiently track the status of each task, collaboratively assign, manage, communicate, forecast the delays ahead of time and take action to resolve them before it occurs. Complete projects on-time, on-budget.

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Improve Efficiency

Quickly Access Site Information

Site details such as Key dates, Deal documents, Lease Contracts, Project status of the site and various Contacts collaboratively working on the site are critical day-to-day information needed for the real estate managers and executives to make critical decisions and manage risks. Keep the site information under one section so that you can get the information as you need it.

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Collaborate and Track

Brokers send number of documents, pamphlets about the new site. Construction managers provide status over the emails. Leases need to be negotiated and deals to be made. RE-Trax notes/Chat module enables the abilities to message these information back and forth. No emails or calls, just chat. Better yet, you can review the details discussed over the chat at a later point.

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  • Make strategic decisions from your dashboard that displays critical, Executive-level information; review the progress, know the status, identify and take action. RE-Trax provides customizable dashboard widgets to view upcoming Key dates, Project progress, status, Calendar of events and the aggregation of the key analytical information to make critical and informed decisions.
  • Site details section where all the site related information can be organized. Create, edit and manage key site details such as Workflow Status, Key dates, Co-tenants, Delivery condition and Collaborators just to list a few. In addition, take pictures of the site during the phases to showcase the progress to the management.
  • Robust and powerful module built to streamline your construction projects to ensure opening up stores on time and on budget. Create your own project schedule or import from one of the prebuilt templates to get started. Keep everyone working on the same plans and schedule. This visually appealing module provides superior, easy-to-use features for project managers to make complex projects to be easily tracked. This saves time and bring everyone together to review the same information, no more spreadsheets or disjointed applications. In addition, you can attach drawings revisions, documents and pictures at a task level, add notes and many other useful features to reduce time and improve efficiency.
  • Abstract lease contract and store the information to track the key dates or run analytics. The key dates from the lease can be configured such a way that the system will alert when you need to submit for the renewal, tenant improvement etc. This data will contribute to create rent roll reports, CAM reconciliation and other lease administering tasks.
  • A data rich, user-friendly analytics module will provide insights to your strategic goal of selecting the right site for the growth. This module is packed with features to understand the demographics, income, competitors and tons of other data to make this critical decision. We have more than 13,000 accurate data points available for you to understand the market or the site that you are evaluating. Similar analytics platform will cost tens and thousands of dollars in the market, you can now have it affordably at RE-Trax.

  • Run the Infographic report on a site for a trade area that you are evaluating which provides key data points that is standard to the real estate market. This report will provide details and insight about Age, Tapestry Segments, Household income details, Race and Ethnicity and Land details.

  • Provides a real-time traffic information on a beautifully designed heat map. In addition you can also display the traffic trends.

  • Compass Score - An industry proven, algorithmically applied and innovative scoring will offer a deep insights of the site characteristics when you are evaluating two (or more) likely sites. This feature will put the information in your fingertips, literally on your finger tips on an iPad or tablet to present the details to the strategic investment board or executive management.

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  • Reporting module gives you the power to create concise, custom, executive reports with only a few clicks. This powerful module puts you in the driver's seat, letting you create the reports you need, whenever you need it. No need to call the IT department or technical person. This user-friendly clickable report builder module allows you to create any report on-the-fly and the format in which you would require. Save the criteria and either you or your team member run periodically or whenever you need it. Quickly change the criteria or filter out the noisy data points on the screen. Export to PDF and CSV features will allow you to to take the report on-the-go to review on an airplane or offline.
  • Run your own custom reports, just the information you need, when and how you need it. Either you or your team member run periodically or whenever you need it. Export to PDF and CSV features will allow you to to take the report on-the-go to review on an airplane or offline.
  • The Location Analytics Report provides graphical, chart based reports to represent you and your decision in a presentable format. Run these elegant reports to build presentations or project in a meeting, the choice is yours. But this rich dynamic graphical presentation will allow you to drill down and display the critical data points and insights to make critical decisions.
  • Notifications will be sent out in every stage of the life cycle of the store, documents shared, significant event occurred (e.g. the construction completion is pushed back 30 days) and much more. These notifications will pop up on the RE-Trax dashboard or sent out in an email or both, whichever is your choice. Too many notifications? You can log on to the platform and turn OFF (or ON for that matter) the notifications.


About Us

RE-Trax was founded in 2011 and is located at the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains near Denver, Colorado. We get excited to build beautiful, intuitive and smooth-user experience software tools that we aim high and design look at feel at its best. Most of all, our team is dedicated to develop a business user friendly workflow application that will provide superior business value to our customers.

About Us

RE-Trax was founded in 2011 and is located at the front range of beautiful Rocky Mountains near Denver, Colorado. We get excited to build beautiful, intuitive and smooth-user experience software products and tools that our customers use to drive their business to success. Our team has extensive Software and Real Estate Industry knowledge - collectively over 30 years experience in the industry. We have a passion for revolutionizing the real estate industry and are committed to improving and optimizing the process for every single customer we work with.

Prem Samuel

Prem Samuel


Prem Samuel has more than 20 years of industry experience. A technology leader with proven success in implementing innovative technology solution. Prior to Co-founding RE-Trax, Prem was a VP of Engineering at NextHealth Technologies, a Healthcare Analytics company and Senior Director of Product Development at IHS (NYSE: INFO), where he was head of global engineering teams implementing innovative software products. Prem has extensive leadership experience in leading distributed teams throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Prem holds Bachelors of Engineering degree in Computer Science. He has completed High Performance Leaders, a Business Management Program at the University of Denver.

Todd Phelps

Todd Phelps


Todd is passionate about helping retail organizations acquire and manage their real estate assets. RE-trax was initially co-founded to help Todd manage his own client properties, which he found difficult to do with the disparate systems used to manage the different aspects of retail properties. This unique perspective into the challenges customers face, has allowed Todd to provide insight into building a truly great product that addresses the needs of his customers without unnecessary cost and complexity. Todd worked and managed real estate at 7-Eleven, Great Clips and GolfTec.

Todd holds MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Andy Jones

Andy Jones

Chief Revenue Officer

Andy Jones has been a leader in technology based solutions since 1997.   Andy  founded Effective Connect, a technology based consulting company focusing on delivering value based solutions in SAAS products and all Cloud-Based technologies.  His attention to detail and integrity based consulting will be a refreshing change for you to experience.

Andy hold a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism and graduated from Colorado State University.



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